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Super Saddles are a simple but revolutionary device that gives flatwork contractors the perfect screed rail support—easy to position and easy to use. Give your customers the highest quality slab and take away the highest possible profit. Simply drive short pieces of rebar vertically into the subbase and mount the Super Saddles to support a 2x4 screed rail. Super Saddles position a screed rail such that it floats above the concrete surface providing the perfect, obstruction-free base for screeding the concrete flat. All the supports are out of the way so you can go faster and get higher quality slabs—better than you could ever get with wet screeding.

Traditional steel stakes and screed hangers are heavy, expensive, and leave a big hole all the way through the slab, laser-controlled screeds are too expensive for smaller jobs and can’t screed sloping areas, Super Saddle is the solution. Set them up, screed a perfect flat slab without having to work around the stakes, then pull them out to use on the next job. And since you won’t have to assign a laborer to tamp concrete into all the stake holes left in the slab you can assign him to other tasks so you can complete the job early.

Here are 5 ways Super Saddles make sense for your next project:
Easy to install and use:
1. Easy to install and use
2. Produce flatter, more level slabs than wet screeding
3. Slabs get done faster and are easier to finish than with stakes
4. Brightly colored so they won’t get lost on the site
5. Less expensive than any other method

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